If You Are Charged With Distribution

Drug laws have shifted with each political administration. While there appears to be change on the horizon, many drugs still carry not only a stigma but also tough charges, fines and jail time. No matter what the political climate, one thing remains certain: If you are facing charges for drug distribution or trafficking, you need to get a good criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Even If You Were Not Selling

Drug distribution cases are not often about whether or not you were actively selling drugs. These cases are usually centered on the amount of drugs or even the packaging. However, actual drug trafficking, the intent to sell or an actual sale are not required to support a distribution charge. Simply giving someone drugs, or sharing drugs, may be at issue in a distribution case.

A Record Of Success

If you have been charged with a drug-related crime in Wisconsin, including distribution, get professional legal representation today. The criminal defense attorneys at Summit Law Office, LLC, have over 40 years of combined experience and a proven track record of providing skilled and professional representation.

Protect Your Future

While your first and immediate concern is most likely potential prison time, a distribution conviction can have long-term negative effects on your career, school and military service. Just because you are charged does not mean the prosecution has a successful case. A skillful defense attorney will pursue every available option to reduce, negotiate or even dismiss the charges, especially if your rights have been violated. Some successful strategies include:

  1. Proving that law enforcement did not have probably cause
  2. Showing that law enforcement did not have the required warrants
  3. Discovering the true intent of the person charged
  4. Determining whether the person charged was aware of the circumstances
  5. Other key issues that may be cause for dismissal of charges

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