Working With You On Domestic Violence Charges

When two people in a relationship fight, emotions tend to run high. People say things they do not mean, shot and may appear aggressive or threatening. When things escalate this sense of threat can feel exaggerated. Police in Wisconsin must arrest the "predominant aggressor" when called to a domestic violence scene.

What Is A Predominant Aggressor?

A predominant aggressor is defined in the statute as the "significant, but not necessarily the first, aggressor in a domestic abuse incident." This means that the person who is larger or stronger, even if they are acting in self defense, is usually perceived to be the "predominant aggressor." A "victim" can also be actively aggressive, but due to a smaller size not be identified as the predominant aggressor.

Police Reports Do Not Show The Full Story

The police report usually indicates moments of heightened excitement. Quite often after things have settled down, the "victim" will recant or modify the events to more accurately reflect what actually happened. However, modifications rarely shows up in a report because it requires that someone sit down and speak to the victim and ask whether or not the report is 100% accurate.

Harsh Punishments And Future Consequences

Domestic violence is about relationships which are often complicated. However, a criminal conviction for a domestic violence related offense is serious matter. Convictions can result in:

  • A criminal record for assault
  • Difficulty getting a job
  • Jail time
  • Restraining orders
  • A negative impact on child placement and visitation
  • The permanent loss of the right to possess a firearm

When To Seek An Expungement

If you were under the age of 25, had your charges dismissed or were charged with a misdemeanor domestic assault years ago, you may be eligible for an expungement. Speak to a qualified criminal defense lawyer about your options.

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